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If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you will already know that I’m a big fan of Momus. As of yesterday he is offering as a free download the first of his six albums recorded for the now defunct Creation label. The first one is The Poison Boyfriend, his second solo effort.

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Momus is a Better Blogger

It looks like my updates have slowed down to the point of erasing all entries from this blogs front page! I guess it’s time to resume posting. Some time ago I went to a Momus and Mai Ueda art performance in Chelsea. It was fantastic. I already blogged about it before. In fact it

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Random Quotations

Transcription for clarity: “Power operates most effectively not by persuading the conscious mind, but by delimiting in advance what is possible to experience.” – CCRU “Kapital really is a planet-wide artificial intelligence, feeding matrix-style, on the energy of human slaves.” – K-Punk “The opposite of real isn’t phony or illusional – it’s optional.” – Thomas DeZengotita, Mediated, p.

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