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A Short Q&A

ransom strange by tom kaczynski

I forgot to link to this shot Q&A conducted by the fine folks at 2D Cloud. It’s part of their gargantuan effort to interview every contributor to Good Minnesotan #4. If you’ve seen that little book… you know there are a LOT of them. My contribution was a short Ranson Strange story. Check it out here… if you can find it on the page.


Ransom Strange by Tom Kaczynski

Ransom Strage 003

Ransom Strange by Tom Kaczynski

Lutefisk Sushi 3

ransom strange voodoo economics.jpg
From Ransom Strange: Voodoo Economics

Here’s another event I participated in, but failed to mention on the blog. Lutefisk Sushi 3 is an (almost) annual comics event in Minneapolis. Practically every able-bodied cartoonist in town makes a mini-comic, makes 150 copies of it and they all end up packaged together in a fancy box. This year the box was designed by Kevin Cannon of Big Time Attic. On top of that there is also a nice exhibition of some of the art held at the Altered Aesthetics gallery. My slice of sushi is a short 8 page Ransom Strange story titled Voodoo Economics. Check out the excerpt above. The Ransom Strange character first appeared in Swindle Magazine No. 12 (and he may appear in some future comics…). The original art from that story is now available for sale and viewing at the art show. The exhibition is open until the end of May. Anyway, click on the pic to see some blurry pictures from the opening event:

lutefisk sushi
Mike Toft of Brainfood checking out the art.

Swindle Magazine Number 12

ransom strange in swindle mag 12
a couple panels from Ransom Strange

I almost forgot this, but the new issue (12) of Swindle Magazine should be on the stands by now and it features a 2-page, full-color Ransom Strange story. Ransom Strange is a character I’ve been sort of batting around for a while. I may do more with the character in the near future.

The magazine should be on most newsstands, or can be ordered directly from here.

Ransom Strange

Ransom Strange
Sometime in the future...