Ransom Strange Archive

A Short Q&A

I forgot to link to this shot Q&A conducted by the fine folks at 2D Cloud. It’s part of their gargantuan effort to interview every contributor to Good Minnesotan #4. If you’ve seen that little book… you know there are a LOT of them. My contribution was a short Ranson Strange story. Check it

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Lutefisk Sushi 3

From Ransom Strange: Voodoo Economics Here’s another event I participated in, but failed to mention on the blog. Lutefisk Sushi 3 is an (almost) annual comics event in Minneapolis. Practically every able-bodied cartoonist in town makes a mini-comic, makes 150 copies of it and they all end up packaged together in a fancy box.

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Swindle Magazine Number 12

a couple panels from Ransom Strange I almost forgot this, but the new issue (12) of Swindle Magazine should be on the stands by now and it features a 2-page, full-color Ransom Strange story. Ransom Strange is a character I’ve been sort of batting around for a while. I may do more with the

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