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Trans Sibérie on French Radio

Another item I missed posting. Looks like Trans Siberia (or Trans Sibérie in French) was featured on French radio!? Here’s a link to the podcast: Nova Book Box 10 Octobre I wish I knew what they are saying. My French speaking sister informed me that a long excerpt is read from the book… which

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New French Trans Review

A short review of the French translation of the Trans books appeared on Mediapart. I asked my now-living-in-France little sister to do a quick translation: “These two “books” are curious objects, perhaps “booklet” is a more accurate word. Reversible and (double??), four stories that are in dialogue with each other and that complete each

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Trans France

I’ve always admired French comics, now I made one… sort of. This is something I should’ve blogged about months ago, but I got distracted by work on Beta Testing the Apocalypse. Way back in May, my Trans-series (Trans-Alaska, Siberia, Atlantis, Utopia) was published in two tiny hardcover volumes. The books are published by Alter

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