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Covering Vague Cities

Vague Cities 1st & 2nd Edition (roll over to see back cover) I was never very happy with the covers for Vague Cities. I liked it conceptually, but the execution always left something to be desired. Not to mention the fact that visually it had little to do with the art between the covers.

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SPX 2006 Part 2

SPX 2006 turned out pretty great. The new venue wasn’t too bad, though the food around the hotel sucked. But I won’t bore you with an exhaustive account, there are plenty of them out there. No need to add to the noise. Thanks to everyone that stopped by to say hi. For those that

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Power of 6

I was asked by Jon (True Swamp) Lewis to help him out on coloring the covers for his new comic-book: Power of 6. Above is the result. It’s an awesome super-hero book with a touch of the Occult. Published by Alternative Comics. It’s available in stores now! Go get it!

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