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100,000 Miles of Cars

multiple car crash
I briefly mentioned this one before. But, I just found out that it’s finally out! Available from the fine folks at Backwards City Review. My story is an 8 page meditation on cars and cities. It’s sort of in the same vein as the Vague Cities mini-comic. Here’s page one. But don’t get it on account of me alone! There are plenty of other great contributions.

100,000 Miles

100000 Miles Car Crash
I’ve got another short comics story coming out soon in the new issue of Backwards City Review. They just announced the contents of the issue. Here’s a preview of page 1. It’s an 8 page story with lots of cars. Cars on every page. Perhaps I’ve been reading a little too much J. G. Ballard lately. It’s supposed be out in about 3 weeks.