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Spring Con 2011: The Pictures

Clockwise from top-left: Noah Van Sciver, Iron Man, Spider-Man, José Luis García-López Spring Con 2011. This was the wrong comics show for the kinds of comics I make. Most of the attendees ignored my books (or the books of other creators of not interested in what passes as mainstream in comics). And, yet… I

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Handled With Care

Photo by Emilia Kaczynski I wrote a bit about Handle With Care already. A little while ago, I was able to dispatch a reporter to the exhibition to document the exhibition before it closed. The intrepid reporter was my little sister, Emilia. She just happened to be in Paris studying all things French and

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Art Shanty Project

dIce Houses by Mr. Mike Click on the image to see the full Flickr set. I caught a brief glimpse of the Art Shanty Project on a frozen Medicine Lake on Valentine’s Day. It was the last day of the project and the lake was packed with people. Going into the shanties felt like

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