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Astro Boy GIF

I was digging around in the archives and found this spinning Astro Boy GIF I made ages ago.


I’ll be manning the Uncivilized Books table (table i8) at SPX all weekend! I’ll be there with Kevin Huizenga, Dan Zettwoch, Zak Sally & Peter Wartman. Stop by to say hi!

Meanwhile, look what I got in the mail!

The French version of Beta Testing the Apocalypse is a reality! The book is in stores in France now!

The French book is a bit larger than the Fantagraphics version.

It wouldn’t be French without French flaps! I had to extend the cover drawing by more than 50%! More on that in a future post!

The table of contents.

French title card.

Sample pages in French. Thanks to Dalton Webb for creating a great font from my hand writing!

The French edition has an afterword written by novelist & journalist Christophe Tison. I’ll have a translation of it in a future post.

The back cover! I’ll have copies in both languages at SPX. See you there!

Beta Testing Big Brain Comics

Beta Testing the Apocalypse sighted at Minneapolis’ finest comics store: Big Brain Comics. Couldn’t ask for better company!

Beta Testing Beijing

Photo by Nicolas Grivel

Art from Beta Testing The Apocalypse (Fantagraphics) was recently on exhibit in Beijing. By complete coincidence the cover features the famous Rem Koolhaas CCTV building in the background:

Photo via.


True Swamp Halloween

true swamp no. 2

It was a True Swamp Halloween, making comics and handing out candy to kids. Almost done! True Swamp No. 2 is available for preorder!

A Cathedral in Asgard

I finally saw Thor a couple of days ago. Everytime I saw images of Asgard on the screen, I thought of The Hallgrímskirkja in Reykjavik (below)… or a church organ.

by Tom Kaczynski

Spring Con 2011: The Pictures

Spring Con 2011

Clockwise from top-left: Noah Van Sciver, Iron Man, Spider-Man, José Luis García-López

Spring Con 2011. This was the wrong comics show for the kinds of comics I make. Most of the attendees ignored my books (or the books of other creators of not interested in what passes as mainstream in comics). And, yet… I left the show tired but giddy… a pile of mid-80’s comics (from one of the many $.25 boxes) under one arm, an original José Luis García-López page in the other and Noah Van Sciver’s new mini (published by 2D Cloud and printed by Zak Sally) in my back pocket. I took a few pictures too.

Pics from Sweat Stains, Beer, And Cigarettes

by bill hauser

I was digging around in iPhoto for something and I found a few pics from the closing party to the Sweat Stains, Beer, And Cigarettes show from a few weeks back. I promptly uploaded them to Flickr. My big discovery of the show was the art of Bill Hauser. He works primarily as an illustrator and creates a ton of cover art for a variety of bands. I really like his old school, cartoony take on horror… and he has the chops to pull it off very well. I also really like his hand-made typography. Again, it’s cartoony, but the type is always tight, well arranged, with interesting letter forms.  More Pics here.

Guttural Visions: The Pictures

guttural visions

The Guttural Visions show was pretty fun. A few pictures were taken. Take a look.

Click Opera Last Post

‘Momus’ by Meghan from Good Minnesotan.

Momus says good-bye by saying hello. I will miss his Click Opera blog. I’ve followed it almost daily since it’s inception. For those of you who haven’t ever read it… go explore!