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Trans Terra Progress

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Trans Terra progress images roundup. On track for MoCCA release.

Petrified Forest


046. Petrified Forest.

Arch Rival


45. Arch Rival.

Stone Age Armada


044. Stone Age Armada.



43. Composite.

Rocky Rocks






Václav Havel + Czech Cinema

Another Trylon film poster, this time for a Václav Havel series. Original line art is below and available for sale (along with my other film related images).

More Original Art

As promised before, here’s another batch (002) of original art for your consideration.The range is similar the the previous batch (001). From tiny (2 x 2 inch) paintings like this one:

to full color painted comics pages like this one (Ransom Strange from Swindle Magazine #12. 10 x 12 inches):

To hand drawn typography (9 x 12 inches):

Check it out!

Football Madness

As we slide deeper into the quadrennial football madness I get seized with a major case of Nostalgia. I played football as kid in Poland, but pretty much stopped when I moved to the US. Now I rarely think about football… except during the World Cup every four years. Above is the only football related illustration I ever drew (I think?). It was for the beautifully designed Green Soccer Journal. It maybe the best looking sports publication ever! It was a pretty fun assignment. And now it can the perfect gift for a FIFA World Cup obsessed football fan! The only other time I referred to football in print was in this very old (1996) comic (reprinted in Cartoon Dialectics 2). Who are you rooting for?