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CAKE 2013

I’ll be at CAKE in Chicago this weekend. I’ll be there running the Uncivilized Books table and signing Beta Testing the Apocalypse at the Fantagraphics table. Uncivilized Books is debuting four (4) (!!) books at the show: Incidents in the Night by David B. Amazing Facts and Beyond by Kevin Huizenga and Dan Zettwoch

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Trans Sibérie on French Radio

Another item I missed posting. Looks like Trans Siberia (or Trans Sibérie in French) was featured on French radio!? Here’s a link to the podcast: Nova Book Box 10 Octobre I wish I knew what they are saying. My French speaking sister informed me that a long excerpt is read from the book… which

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Beta Testing The Apocalypse Reviewed by Miami Herald

This one is a short capsule review, so I’ll post the whole thing here: His functional and utilitarian art is often reminiscent of the insanely proper illustrations in Jack Chick’s religious tracts, but Kaczynski’s own wildly anarchic imagination fuels his insightful and unsettling narrative. He combines socioeconomic fact, fantasy and farce in this seriously

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