Tom Kaczynski

Tom Kaczynski is an Eisner and Ignatz nominated cartoonist, designer, illustrator, writer, teacher and publisher based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. His comics have appeared in Best American Nonrequired ReadingMOMEPunk PlanetThe Drama, and many other publications. His first book, Beta Testing the Apocalypse is out now from Frantagraphics.

As a designer he’s worked on projects for many well known companies including AOL, Motorola, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Herman Miller… and for non-profits including IRC (International Rescue Committee). He occasionally teaches comics at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Since 2006 he’s been the publisher of Uncivilized Books.

To contact Tom Kaczynski send an email to: tomk at robot26 dot com


  1. By eun!ce Posted on October 9, 2011

    hi tom. thanks for mailing me the 3 gabrielle bell diary comics i ordered. you drew the head of someone on the invoice slip along with a hearty ‘thanks!’ well, that prompted me to go online to see what you look like, since it didn’t resemble gabrielle (unless she has very short hair on top now, and developed a sneer akin to 80s butt-rock stars.) hmm, well, it’s not you either, so maybe it’s just a random drawing or i’ve just insulted your portrait of gb. hopefully not the latter. thanks again!

  2. By Tom Kaczynski Posted on October 9, 2011

    I frequently draw on the invoices. The drawings are a kind of automatic-doodles, no resemblance to reality intended. Yours happened to be resemble an 80s butt-rock star… it could just as well been a monster, a neanderthal or some other unfortunate creature. Hope you liked the books!

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