Trans France

I’ve always admired French comics, now I made one… sort of. This is something I should’ve blogged about months ago, but I got distracted by work on Beta Testing the Apocalypse. Way back in May, my Trans-series (Trans-Alaska, Siberia, Atlantis, Utopia) was published in two tiny hardcover volumes. The books are published by Alter Comics. Each one is a flip-book with two comics back to back. I re-lettered each volume and re-worked a bunch of the graphics & typography to match the translation. I’m really happy how it turned out and extremely excited to have a book in French! As far as I know there’s one French review. Any French readers out there why might have read it, please let me know what you think. I’m really curious how it plays out there.

This is also a kind of homecoming for me. I grew up on European comics (Thorgal, Valerian, Asterix, Lucky Luke, Kajko i Kokosz, Funky Koval, etc.) and I’m honored to have my own comics appear on European soil. Seeing my own work being translated, made me also realize how little European work makes it over the Atlantic to the US. It inspired me to try to bring European work state-side via my Uncivilized Books project. Some announcement about this coming real soon!

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