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Neanderthal 02

Neanderthal 01

by Tom Kaczynski


Raygoth by Tom Kaczynski

Raygoth… the Goon of Doom from the Power Lords line of toys.

Sweat Stains, Beer, And Cigarettes

Sweat Stains, Beer and Cigarettes

Some of my sketches from concerts are on display at the SSCA Gallery over the next few weeks. I’m in good company, surrounded by a stellar group of artists including Dan Wieken and Mr. Mike.

Check out the work and come to the closing party April 16th:

CLOSING NIGHT RECEPTION and PARTY on SATURDAY APRIL 16 (from 7-11 pm), featuring free live music by THE BLIND SHAKE, THE KNOTWELLS, and DJ’d by [kramerica industries].

More info here.

BB 02

Brigitte Bardot by Tom Kaczynski

Brigitte Bardot from Jean-Luc Godard’s Contempt.

BB 01

Brigitte Bardot by Tom Kaczynski

Brigitte Bardot

Sketchbook 0022

Sketchbook 0021

Sketchbook 0020

Ditko Face 02

Joe Sawyer from The Last Laugh in Strange Suspense Stories #32.