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The Mind of Kevin Huizenga

Kevin Huizenga, image from Ganges 3

Er… maybe the title is an overstatement. In any case, Kevin Huizenga will be in Minneapolis to give a lecture at MCAD. For those who follow comics Kevin needs no introduction. For those of you who don’t know his work he’s easily one of the best and most interesting cartoonists working today. But don’t take my word for it, come see for yourself! Kevin will speak at MCAD during the student mini-comic Expo on Thursday (Mar. 24th) at 1:00 pm.

Thursday, March 25th.
1:00 pm
Auditorium 150, Main Building
Minneapolis College of Art and Design

Structure 0034


meteorite swarm

Structure 0033


moulded gravity

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tectonic aleph


resolution as scroll folded

I wrote about this 15 page collaboration with Dash Shaw some time ago. The story is called ‘Resolution’ and it is published in the current issue of MOME. That very issue (vol. 17) has just made it onto the shelves of comic-book stores. More information, video & PDF previews and the option to buy the book courtesy of Fantagraphics.

Structure 0024

uncertain hypothesis

I can’t make it to MoCCA

I can’t make it to MoCCA this year, but at least I can re-experience last year’s festival through the transcript of a conversation between me and Kent Worcester. I was going to put up the audio of that some time ago, but the quality was pretty low. Anyway, for those that missed it check it out here. The conversation is edited, so my ramblings aren’t as incoherent. It’s like being there, but better.

Kent also wrote another piece on my work on TCJ a few weeks earlier.

Structure 0023


decay as propellant

Structure 0010

batholitic vessel

Structure 0009


fossilized bloom