Monthly Archive:: February 2009

Umfeld, Pole and Others at Bedlam

On Saturday night at Bedlam Theatre several laptop musicians took the stage and lit up the crowd with abstract visuals, spooky experimental soundscapes, and some good old fashioned techno. Electronic music has taken a back seat to a series of revivals and re-inventions (80’s psychedelic freak folk metal, etc.) over the last decade or

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Doodle Dump 010

This week’s Doodle Dump‚Ñ¢ continues the sketchbook previously featured here and here. It happens that a lot of the drawings this time are copies of drawing by other cartoonists. Yuichi Yokoyama and Jack Kirby are just the more obvious examples. Click on images to enlarge them.

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Art Shanty Project

dIce Houses by Mr. Mike Click on the image to see the full Flickr set. I caught a brief glimpse of the Art Shanty Project on a frozen Medicine Lake on Valentine’s Day. It was the last day of the project and the lake was packed with people. Going into the shanties felt like

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