Month: December 2008

Season’s Greetings

This is the first time ever I got around to making an holiday card. It’s a little thing, 3.3″ x 5.2″, printed with the Gocco system. After sending them to friends and family I’ve got a bunch left over. If anyone is interested in getting one of these cards, just send your mailing address to me (tomk {at} and I’ll send one off. Offer valid until supplies last.
2008 x-mas eve animals talk gocco
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Sketchy Komiks: Popping Bubbles

A satisfying post on Modern Missives transposes the current art market insanity onto another older one: the legendary Tulipmania of 17th century Holland. It reminded me of another recent story about Damien Hirst laying off 20 people as a response to the financial crisis. Then I remembered that I had done a little comic about it in my sketchbook… and this is how today’s installment of Sketchy Komiks™ came to be.
damien hirst
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UR : Utopia Report : No. 1

cartoon utopia by Ron Regé, Jr
Cartoon Utopia #67 By Ron Regé, Jr
Introducing another new semi-regular feature on Trans-Atlantis: UR™ or the Utopia Report. If you’ve read this blog, or my comics before you already know that I’m very interested in the concept of Utopia. In the Utopia Report I’m going to start cataloging interesting articles, posts and snippets relating to the general topic of Utopia. As with my posts on the Apocalypse and Utopia in the past, this is to help me organize my thoughts and sources on the subject. It’s mostly going to be undigested links and quotes, though I may occasionally comment on if the mood strikes. Hopefully someone out there will find this useful or at least interesting. OK, here it goes.

Momus recently alerted me to an interesting book The So-Called Utopia of the Centre Beaubourg — An Interpretation by Luca Frei. From the publisher:

Appearing under the pseudonym Gustave Affeulpin in 1976, and coinciding with the inauguration of the Centre Beaubourg in Paris, Albert Meister’s fictional text imagines a radical libertarian space submerged beneath the newly erected centerpiece of French Culture.

Student Works: Putting Utopia Back To Work is a fantastic and way too short interview with Behrang Behin about his Stack City student project. Behin’s project for a sustainable city is pretty interesting in itself. The conversation veers into some illuminating utopian territory:
[‚Ķ]abandoning the future as a cultural construct deprives us of a valuable instrument for defining ourselves in the present. You can learn a lot about the ethos of a society by looking at their science fiction. In that sense, the future is a place in our collective imagination, a terrain on which we fight our ideological battles and air out our common neuroses. This is precisely where architecture must play a role. Sustainable architecture shouldn’t just be concerned with the tactical level of engineering efficiency and the preservation of resources, but should also participate in the invention of alternative futures in cultural imagination.

Finally, here’s something I should have linked a while ago. Ron Reg√©, Jr has been doing some world building. On his blog, he’s been posting drawings of his Cartoon Utopia. I don’t know if these will be just a series of drawings, or if he will create come kind of utopian comic-book, but it’s amazing to watch a whole world come into being before your eyes.