Monthly Archive:: November 2008

Sketchy Komiks: They Only Want Malls

Time for another regular Trans-Atlantis feature: Sketchy Komiks™. Once a week (though not always on the same day) I’ll share some of the comics that keep accumulating in my sketchbooks, but never really see the light of day. Hopefully these will be of interest to somebody out there. Enjoy. Click to enlarge.

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Let a Hundred Utopias Blossom

I got a few thought-provoking comments to my Post-Apocalyptic Dreams post from a fews days ago. Some thoughts got provoked, hence this follow-up. All of the comments mentioned Cormac MacCarthy’s The Road. The comments inspired me to read it. But, since I haven’t finished it, I don’t have much to say. I’m about half

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