Monthly Archive for April, 2008

The Magik Show

Zack Soto uploaded some pics of The Magic Show which opened on Thursday last week to his Flickr page. The show looks great, and I look forward to seeing it later this month during Stumptown.
Update: More and higher-res pictures here.

Off-Kilter Magik

who built the office pyramids?
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I was going to post this in time for the opening night of The Magic Show a group show at the Pony Club Gallery in Portland, OR. But I just realized that the opening was last night! Duh! I think I must have confused it with the opening night of the Off-Kilter Comics, which is IS tonight. I have a drawing (pictured above) at The Magik Show but not at the Off Kilter Comics show. Anyway, both shows feature a lot of great artists so if you’re in either Portland or Minneapolis, go see the one closest to you.

The Magic Show info
Off-Kilter Comics info