Monthly Archive:: September 2006

Random Quotations

Click on panels and drawings for relevant links. Transcription for clarity: "Power operates most effectively not by persuading the conscious mind, but by deliminating in advance what is possible to experience." – CCRU "Kapital really is a planet-wide artificial intelligence, feeding matrix-style, on the energy of human slaves." – K-Punk "The opposite of real

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Proto Trans-Alaska

As I started to compile my notes on Trans-Siberia, I realized there was still a couple of things left unsaid about Trans-Alaksa. If you haven’t read the first batch of Trans-Alaska notes, you can catch up here. Trans-Alaska was a very formless book. It was done without preparation and ‘straight to ink’, without any

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100,000 Miles of Cars

I briefly mentioned this one before. But, I just found out that it’s finally out! Available from the fine folks at Backwards City Review. My story is an 8 page meditation on cars and cities. It’s sort of in the same vein as the Vague Cities mini-comic. Here’s page one. But don’t get it

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