Monthly Archive:: August 2006

World 2.0

I tricked another magazine to publish one of my comics. This time it's Punk Planet. The current issue (75) has a theme: The Revenge of Print 2. I was asked to contribute a 3 page comics essay on the topic. It ended up being an apocalyptic rant on the state

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Trans-Alaska Notes

One of the reasons I started this blog was to make it a sort of digital bibliography for the comic-books I create. This is especially relevant to these three books: Trans-Alaska, Trans-Siberia, and Trans-Atlantis. All of the books are out of print at the moment. I've started working on new editions and I wanted

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Power of 6

I was asked by Jon (True Swamp) Lewis to help him out on coloring the covers for his new comic-book: Power of 6. Above is the result. It’s an awesome super-hero book with a touch of the Occult. Published by Alternative Comics. It’s available in stores now! Go get it!

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