Monthly Archive for April, 2006

Explosion and Fire in Downtown Brooklyn

There was a couple of loud explosions and a fire at the local fire station. Click on the above to see a few pics if you’re interested. Also here’s a video of the second explosion. Check it out. the story is developing here: The Gothamist. UPDATE: The video is now available on YouTube.

Vague Cities 3

The original Vague Cities cover idea from my sketchbook. Click to see larger.


shellac and india ink
2 x 2 inches


shellac and india ink
2 x 2 inches

Portrait of a Girl

shellac and india ink
2 x 2 inches


watercolor and india ink
2 x 2 inches


tunnel cover
This comic-book is about 4 years old at this point, but I still like it ok. It’s my only attempt a dream comics. I tired to be really literal with it and the result is actually pretty close to the actual dream… well as much as I could manage.
I’m posting about it because Poopsheet just gave it a nice review. For those of you out there not as familiar with my comics I just wanted to start occasional posts that describe some of my comics and maybe post sample pages.
Anyway, Tunnel is available either from or the Poopsheet Shop.

Vague Cities 2


Thanks to everyone who came by my table at APE! For those that couldn’t make it to San Francisco, you can buy Vague Cities, my new mini-comic, on my other site, I also reprinted ‘Leisure’.

Vague Cities

The cover to my new mini (called Vague Cities as you can tell I’m sure). It will be available at APE (San Francisco April 8&9) and later from my other website